The Robots are Taking Your Jobs (very soon)

A few short thoughts on the effects of technology on the average person’s job prospects in the next decade

Only the wealthiest will be able to afford to have humans wait on them, talk to them, sell them things, etc. The age of robotics will be lonely, sterile, metals and plastic. Your best friends will be a bot,a faceless,souless, voice in a box. 

In the future where robots and machines do everything, human contact will be very expensive. It will become a kind of commodity. 

This isn’t that far off in the future. The big shopping malls are starting to shut down. The big department stores are closing. You don’t have to go to RadioShack to get parts anymore. Amazon has everything. And they just bought a grocery store chain. So, even your food will be purchased without ever having to go anywhere

The problem will be jobs. The best jobs will be in programming, engineering, repair and upkeep of the machines. But, in the States, most people work in some sort of service industry. Where will they go? How will they be able to fit into a society that only needs skilled workers, for very few jobs
We’re in for a real rough ride, I suspect. Hopefully, in the end, the rise of the robots will lead to a new, more creative, human. But, in the meantime, those caught in the middle of the transition will feel very isolated … lost. Many will be left behind. And they will be. It’s inevitable.
The question is, 

Is anyone preparing the way to make this a smooth transition? There’s talk of what will happen. But, there’s absolutely no one really talking about changing the education sytem’s ciriculum  to get the next few generations ready for this. Do we even know what “this” is?  The machines will be faster, smarter, more efficient. 

But this is the worrisome part, the human cost (perhaps) …..What will  the new unskilled labor force be doing? Is there going to be any need at all for them? It sure doesn’t look that way. It looks like your either going to have to have a skill, or multiple technical skills. Or you’re going to have to have a talent of some kind, which would also involve skill. 

Entertainment will still thrive. What forms it morphs into will be interesting. 

I wonder what the pushback will look like. I envision places popping up that” offer a human experience” It would look like today, in a sense. 

You can go to the store and peruse the latest styles in clothing, “like they did back in the 20th century” . You’ll have a waiter. It won’t be the slacker House of Pancakes variety either. They’ll have to have degrees in human interaction, psychology. Everything will be designed to keep technology far in the background. You’ll be able to “escape” to a world that still has that “human touch”

“Human Touch” might become the ultimate buzzword for luxury and comfort. The rest of us will have to put our paper money into a box and it will drop a sandwich, or a bowl of chili. The recipes will be programmed in. It’ll never be wrong. Every thing in the future will be nauseatingly perfect. 

Our clothes will be delivered, after having been ordered online, by a robot. If the pants don’t fit, you’ll have to convince a robot of this fact. 

A robot will come get your return and instantly exchange them for the right ones. But, it’s technology. So, they aren’t right either. After several tries, a box with two pairs of little girls stretchy pants, a pair that, in your mind, no one could possibly fit in, youll finally give up and wear the il-fitting pants and curse the f**king robots

More to come…

Unedited: Thoughts on How to Fix Voting System in the United States

Im serious about changing the way we vote. The current system is totally broken. Here are some ideas on how to fix it in no preferred order :

There should be a week to ten days of voting. One of those days should be a holiday where all businesses are closed to allow anyone who wants to vote the opportunity to do so

Fingerprint ID directly on your ballot, so it’s yours and it’s permanent

A hard copy of your vote on the way out … Just in case

Everyone who gets a driver’s license or any government issue id automatically signed up. Everyone can get an ID online (make digital birth certificates a thing)

Free public transportation on voting day with a voters ID

No results,predictions, or media calling outcomes until every single vote is counted


electoral college

No 2 year campaigns. Cut that to 3 months. Everyone is in the debates. No more than one TV spot. Two debates a week. 
3rd parties are included in all debates
Results are announced after votes are counted and then audited… Not any sooner under any circumstances
Of course, this will never happen as long as we keep this duopoly in place. There has to be a radical left wing voter turnout to Trump Trump and the corporate Democrats in 2020

Until we go all in, well always have this mess. Many experts, like Noam Chomsky, say Trump isn’t even as bad as it can get. If we don’t radically change the system right now….It can and will be much worse
The answer isn’t Hillary either. It never was.

I don’t know where this saviour is going to come from. But,I recommend #NinaTurner

and #TulsiGabbard as of today
The Green party is being sabotaged by this Jill Stein rich kid idiocy

There’s a new People’s party
There’s one forming around # #Healthcare4all , #livingwage, fairness, that’s getting solid funding. They’re seemingly taking the right steps to come out of the gate fighting. Right now, they’re starting up meetups and offices in quite a few states. They’ve got Bernie style money coming in. They’re taking the $27 donation thing to the next phase

They’ll be able to tell you more and get it right on the facts


More later

Trump Would Still Beat Clinton. Think About That

I think it’s safe to say, the left isn’t going to budge

The center has to. The center right can go home

I think, teaching Americans that Healthcare,a living wage, sustainable energy and innovation, peace, “progress”, ending poverty, conservation, and preservation of the people’s constitutional rights to equality under the law, restructuring education to prepare our kids for a technology heavy future, etc are issues of the left….issues that effect humanity now and in the future. 
No one is saying we should abandon faith . But.. We should include Science,our responsibility as custodians, temporary residents, can be viewed as a spiritual quest. I’ve got no problems with that. As long as we agree something has to be done
We have to stop voting against a candidate , and find some people we can VOTE FOR… because their policies are humane,smart, and forward thinking
We have to stop letting these politicians and their propaganda arm,cable news , convince us we have to vote out of fear. 
Vote FOR fairness,equality,a future that’s kinder , more responsible. We have to vote as if we have faith in each other. I know that’s a tough one. If you’ve ever argued politics online, you know what I mean. But,we have to appeal to people’s better angels. That’s something Trump definitely didn’t do. 

But, that proves something. This can be scary or not. Depends. Trump proves that people will follow along. If the message is negative, they go negative. So, the idea is to LEAD the people towards something positive. And in the end, they’ll see,by way of experience, that it’s better
Manipulation for positive ends? The fact is, there are a lot of sheep out there. They’ve gotta go somewhere. They’re going to follow. That’s what they do.
(I really believe, although the opposite looks to be true, that this is the last ugly gasp of cracker America. Trump was a desperate move). 

The Traitor Trump? 

If Trump is completely innocent, why is he trying to stop investigations? An innocent Trump would let the Democrats fall on their faces with a fruitless investigation that goes nowhere. That sounds like him. I think he’s tricky like that. That’s not what he’s doing. 

I think he’s compromised. Russia has “something” . I’ve heard it’s about money…. that Putin paid off his debts..back when he did the Miss Universe, or World, or whatever it is, over there. He was in deep debt. After that trip, he paid off a half billion in debts. It’s never been explained where that money came from. 

That’s why we need to see his tax returns 
Its starting to look like he isn’t going to make it through his first term.If he’s guilty,he put this country in a fucking terrible spot. He endangered democracy itself. He’d be our biggest traitor, surpassing Benedict Arnold by a mile. 

I’ve also heard about the kinky shit…. that they have stuff on him in that regard. That wouldn’t be such a big deal. 

It may be both… and money. It’s certainly the most interesting presidential historical clusterfuck of all time. I’m hooked. I want to see where it goes. 

These things take, sometimes over a year. Don’t expect anything soon. More leaks. More freaks.