Trump isn’t hiding collusion. He’s hiding perversion 

I’ve got a theory about the Trump Russia scandal….

Donald Trump is a punk. He’s pretty much got every ugly undesirable trait you could put into one fat, mealy mouthed pumpkin-faced person

On a daily basis, I think, he couldn’t be any worse. But, every day, he proves me wrong. This disrespect for gold star families is outrageous

I have a theory about the Trump Russia story. 

I don’t think Trump is trying to cover up collusion. In fact, if there was collusion, I suspect he doesn’t know.
Wanna know what he’s trying to hide from his base, and those not paying attention? It’s the contents of the infamous dossier. What it reveals is a filthy little perv that pays hookers to urinate on him. Almost every other part of the dossier has turned out to be true.
He doesn’t want the #Christian right to know he likes to get peed on, that he probably likes to be punished for being a bad boy. 
Is not about collusion. It’s about perversion. I suspect the #Russians have the goods on him. That’s why he’s afraid to fuck with #Putin

He’s already a disgusting waste of skin. Now,  imagine that naked with a Russian hooker standing over him calling him a pussy in Russian while she pees in his “O” – shaped mouth. 

It really makes you wonder what the hell is going on with Melania. If she isn’t the purest example of a gold digger, or the most quietly evil woman in the world, then shes just a bot… A brain dead body bereft of emotions or brain power. 

Does she pee on him? What the fuck goes on with those two seemingly impossible partners? I don’t think I want to know. 

What do you think of the theory that he’s hiding his pervy truth with absurd distractions and lies. Let me know in the comments

Next question:What does Mueller know? Has it made him vomit? How many times? 

 Here’s a very important link, if you want to keep up with all of the Trump lies so far

The Antichrist, Trump, and the Bullshit. Thought Stream #2

Thinking about Trump and Antichrist mythology 
Trump has made a point of saying he doesn’t drink alcohol and never has. He seems to have an addictive personality though. He’s clearly incapable of pulling himself away from Twitter. 

No one has asked if he takes prescription drugs. 

I think he takes something. They say he hardly sleeps. Is he manic? That’s a symptom of mania. Maybe he’s bipolar. 

He seems to have a grandiose view of himself. It’s not a normal thing. I know a lot of weirdos. (I love them all) 

He’s a new kind of weird, in my experience. 

Politicians have to be a little in love with themselves, a little grandiose, to think they can run the free world. 

This isn’t that exactly. It seems like a suped up neediness. I mean, he’s managed to get all this way on whatever that is. I think it says more about US that he’s president, than anything else. The TV generation runs the country now. We’re definitely lost. 
We desperately need a person that brings people together. Having said that, that person might be the real evil we all fear. I don’t want a savior, or someone selling themselves as such. That would be way more antichrist – y.  Everybody gets fooled.this person is the answer. La la la. 

I’ve watched too many antichrist shows. But, scary always appealed to me. I prefer fictional scary

Just read a theory that Putin is the antichrist. The problem with all these theories is that they’re all bullshit. 
I also read many pages suggesting Trump is the antichrist. He isn’t. Hes too weak. And people aren’t going to follow him. The way the antichrist myth sets up, it would be more likely that he’s a precursor. He’s so awful that we become desperate for someone that can “save us” save the country, save the world.  That person will be well liked and respected. People will follow him or her or it. (That’s the biblical version, more or less) 
My theory used to be that the antichrist is a thing, like television, or the internet. The antichrist is mythology. That’s definite. But, there’s a bit of a warning about what kind of person might lead us all to destruction, via biblical prose. Remember, these people who wrote the Bible were witness to the fall of Rome. They could have been trying to tell future generations a fairytale with grains of truth, morality tales, that could save future people from making the same mistakes. 
We can recover from Trump. As long as he doesn’t start shooting off nukes. Then, who cares about myth and legend? 

Life does not feel the same as it did 2 years ago, before the campaign season started. 

Trumps wild threats and insane Twitter account genuinely makes me tense. So, things like the end of the world have popped up when I’m sitting in bed, like now. 

I’m not a scared little bunny. Im more inclined to  get mean when I’m cornered. I’m just wondering where this is headed. Im not letting politicians get us all killed, or allow them to kill millions of people in some far away place. I’m sure people are starting to think about what we do to defend ourselves from our own president if need be.
 Who is going to do that? These Republicans seemed ready to fall in line. It didn’t seem to matter how far he went. I found that uniquely disturbing. It really was like watching the rise of fascism,. And how easily people fall in line. Too easily. 

Nuclear war puts everything at risk. It’s completely unacceptable. Someone will have to drag that idiot king by his crazy haircut out of the Whitehouse…. And have him institutionalized. What I worry about is, that won’t happen. 

The American people will only be safe when there’s peace… . Everywhere. And we should be willing to stand against a rogue government that would put us all at risk

A Simple Braindump on What is Wrong With the Democrats? Or why they can’t win, or Run a Kennedy and watch how easy it is to win

I don’t understand why the Democrats insist on alienating the progressive wing. They’re the ones still holding the torch for the policies the Democrats are supposed to be about. Something changed when Hillary ran. A black sore was exposed in the party. There are Democrats now that are totally conservative. Suddenly, I’m an extremist…. according to them. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen #HRC supporters post or #Tweet some version of the idea that #Bernie supporters are exactly like #Trump supporters. These two couldn’t be more different. 

One talks a big game, Trump. He’s an embarrassment and a failure. I thought he might be s real job creator. To be fair, there’s still time for him to get it together on an infrastructure bill. I hope they pass a real meaty bill that modernizes airports, rail, etc, creates jobs, connects rural communities with the rest of the country, and creates good high-paying jobs. If that happens, it could improve Trump’s poll numbers and get him reelected. 
The other works tirelessly for everybody. He wants everyone to benefit. He doesn’t see the need for a divide. 

We all want our kids to have a good education. We all want to live a healthy life and not have to fear getting sick. We all want better wages. We want mom and pop shops, with unique local products, to thrive.

(Wal Mart has destroyed that option. So, we need to figure out a work around. Local is usually better.)

We all want an honest president

We all want our farms to come back. Because we want healthy fresh food.
We want our wildlife left alone. We want chemical companies to stop destroying our rivers, lakes, and waterways. (they should have to pay for restoration themselves. And if they can’t operate without destroying the planet, then they shouldn’t be allowed to operate. Yeah. I said it. It’s time to get hard on regulating or ending big time polluters free reign to destroy the planet )
Most of us want peace. That’s not always our choice. But in the last few decades, we’ve been pretty aggressive. That money could fix several problems in this country at once. 

Must of us think corporations, casinos, all should have to pay their fare share. They shouldn’t be able to buy politicians that wrote laws that allowed them to rip off the country. Forget the defense spending Trump was comparing about. About how some countries aren’t paying their fair share. Our own corporations are doing  just that very thing. 

If they threaten to leave, let them go. But, they can’t do business here either. They made it because this country had a system that helped get them there. They should want to pay it forward and back. But, since they’re greedy, we’ll just have to do what we have to to take care of the majority. 

(If they threaten to leave, and stay to, we should freeze their accounts until the lawsuit we bring against them, for back taxes, and all expenses they got out of because this country wanted them to succeed. We assisted them. All the tax breaks were with an understanding that they would do business here, create jobs here, and serve the community they’re based at.) 

INFRASTRUCTURE. That’s something I hope Trump will take care of. I do support it. And I hope it includes new highways and rail to connect every community in the country to a local central city that offfers arts, culture, diversity.
Trump told cops to get rougher. You’re innocent until proven guilty. It was irresponsible and stupid

Bernie has openly talked about ways to reform the system, because it is systematic,… Through better training and not allowing dirty cops, trigger happy, racist, criminals to serve.

With all that, the Democrats don’t want us. In fact, they’re vehement against this whole thing. They think corporations should rule the world. 

They didn’t learn anything from this last election. In fact, they’re doubling down on their mistakes. And they’re talking about throwing up Chelsea C. for the Senate. Jesus. That family can’t take hint.

I hear the Kennedy family are going to be out there as we get closer to 2020. They may have two family members running for President. Just rumors.

Bernie isn’t a realistic choice in 2020. The man had a lot of energy. But, he’s be pushing into his late 80s,right . Maybe it’s mid-80s. Nina Turner, who I love, has been declared the enemy by the corporate Dems. She’s out there quoting Howard Zinn. She’s strong. Shes got the right ideas. Shes black. Her only issue will be the sense one Bernie faced, lack of support from her own party.

Tulsi Gabbard seems like the real thing. She’s a veteryof Afghanistan. She’s attractive. She’s smart. She’s a part of the Bernie wing. Id like to know more about her

So far, other than Chelsea and that guy from New Jersey, the one who staged a winter dog rescue.. and is so obviously phony, it’s ridiculous… There are some positive choices, exciting possibilities for the next election. It just depends on whether or not Pelosi is still there. Because the candidates need support. And Pelosi is terrible.
If a Kennedy runs, I think that’ll fire up the Democrats that’ll lead to a win. The Republicans want to go back to pre-Kennedy era. They hated the 60s.

So, get involved this time around. It’s a great way to meet people, do something positive, that really is rewarding.
I’m already shooting off 2018 if the Democrats are going to dig in on their corporate designs.