Supreme Court allows Ohio, other state voter purges

We’re losing our way. This is another example of how #undemocratic are leadership, our system has become. If you care about #democracy, the thing that makes #America special in many ways, then this should be very disturbing to you

Progress Sucks! Or, The Internet is the Antichrist

I know most of my friends are non-believers. But, I think it doesn’t hurt to explore the meaning behind the myths.
Myths are just fairytale explanations. But, they’re meant to explain real things.Its a kind of pre-science.

Mankind is mankind. Were the same as we were 10,000 years ago, in a lot of ways. The technology has changed. I think we mistake that for an advancement, a part of the evolutionary process. I disagree. We just have better tools…. And less hair.
The rest is about the same. We’re still fighting over plots of land, shiny rocks, and oily substances.

Prejudice has always figured into the big picture.
So, a better phone doesn’t mean a better person. Right? More information just seems to lead to more problems

Total weirdo racist freaks use to be ostracized and lonely. Now, there’s a Facebook group for that. They’re all connected. Nationalists can find like-minded assholes and literally create an army of asshole freaks.

In the U.S. 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, and 80% of the Total Population Is Near Poverty

If you live in the United States, there is a good chance that you are now living in poverty or near poverty. Nearly 50 million Americans, (49.7 Million), are living below the poverty line, with 80% of the entire U.S. population living near poverty or below it.

Bad leadership is sinking us. I don’t know how we make it back from the abyss we find ourselves sinking into if Wall Street and the big money players dont change their ways.
They see China as the next big bankroll. They don’t see the U. S., and all of its debt, as a sound investment right now.

The short of it is: they’re traitors. Only money matters. There’s no loyalty. They seem to forget that they got rich because our country made it possible for them. Ungrateful.

Things are really serious these days. We need a whole new game plan. We need to work well with others. Because, at some point, we may need our allies to come through.

We have to think of everything on a global scale. We are part of, not exceptional, of the human race. If one part of the planet falls apart, there are waves that radiate out and effect everyone and everything. What if it’s us, the Americans, that have to be displaced, becoming a homeless people… Due to a nuke accident, an environmental collapse of some kind, that causes the end to our fresh waterways.. due to some giant industrial catastrophe.

Where would the survivors go? This is what’s happening in Syria. They aren’t just dealing with ISIL. They’re dealing with a much more serious environmental disaster that never gets mentioned on our broadcast news outlets They’re all flooding into Europe. And so, one disaster stacks onto another onto another, etc. etc. War. Famine. No water. Then they flood countries that can’t handle the massive influx, which effects economy, jobs, potential for violence, and more.

Ignorance is no excuse. Inaction is tantamount to a kind of murder suicide pact made with the energy companies, chemical industries. It sounds extreme. But, is it more extreme than what’s going on with this country…. Where it seems to be headed? Bad news is coming from all directions. We need to get a grip on what we can.

Millions of kids arent eating in America? Meanwhile, Trump is spending millions on gold excursions,which demand expensive security, transportation, etc.
People are dying because they have no medical coverage. People are being turned away at the hospital. If you’re poor, your life is worthless. They may not know how to save you. But, either way, they want to charge you crazy money….

Dead and in debt. They got their hands in your pocket all the way, from day 1 to the last minute.
Capitalism is out of control. Nothing can reign it in. It wouldn’t be a problem if we could take greed out of the equation.Make it like, ‘Yeah. You can get rich. But, you’re gonna have to contribute something significant in return’

If you’re making 300,000,000 a year and two blocks away theres a family that won’t be eating tonight, IN AMERICA, something has gone horribly wrong.
Anyone who tries to get in a serious fight on this matter will be pegged a terrorist extremist. So, there won’t be any Thomas Jeffersons, or Rebel Patriot armies fighting to take the country from the rich,…. Because it’s all set up to be impossible. They got us.
We find comfort in an illusion… Freedom of Choice. No one in their right mind choses to starve a portion of the population, deny medical care to another, strip the rights of humans, while bestowing human rights on things, like corporations.
It’s crazy. Right? They have enough money to finance more nukes than 1,000 planets could survive if detonated. (weird sentence. In not sure I said that right) They just gave massive tax breaks to billionaires that don’t need it,… They shouldn’t be able to stockpile, have these untouchable off shore accounts, to betray us at every turn. No large American company should be permitted to do business with the people they refuse to employ, because they don’t even want to pay minimum wages, the American worker. If you want to make money off our consumer strengths, fine. But, either pay your full taxes, sign on to finance infrastructure improvements, which no one can’t back out of, or expect extrodinarily harsh import/export fees.

America is due for a revolution

Thoughts on Berlin Wall, Trump Wall, and other depressing references that may or may not make sense. Or: We’re So FUCKED,man. I dont think drugs would even be fun at this point.

The Berlin wall has been down for the same amount of time, to the day, as it was up. Has anything gotten better?

When people tell me Putin is cool and there’s nothing wrong with working with him,without acknowledging hes gonna try and play you, without the knowledge Trump lacks,historical context…I think you’re an idiot…cause you are.
That guy wants the United States to pay for gloating over the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin wants to restore it. He hates the West. Don’t be fooled. He IS determined to cause us to destroy ourselves (with our own idiocy) Hes a ruthless,smart, killer bastard.

Here’s why hes winning :

He’s found the divide between right and left and hes pounding on it, feeding it, and we’re all falling in line.
Our weakness is this division….This manufactured bullshit divide.
Of course the far right are cool with it.
Of course the far left is red with anger. These people arent patriots. Theyre contrarians. They dont want to work together. I think they wanna kill each other.

Its all tinder

Something like impeachment, as opposed to beating the other side at the ballot box, could be the match.

It’s gonna turn into a blazing motherfucking inferno. And the Ruskies will pick our bones,get fat and stupid,and get overtaken by Allah

Its worrisome. If you really look around the world, the west is splitting up over immigration…It’s bringing out the right wingers….the Nazis, the Nationalists. At the same time, the influx of immigrants in a small country can be devastating.
The muslim terrorist acts in France and elsewhere was the last straw. People got angry … and now its misdirected and extreme because of infiltration by groups that know how to manipulate those kind of things …turn it into a self preservation issue

When you look at a map, they’re right there .The “terrorist” countries are close by. The influx of millions of people with no jobs,skills,don’t speak the language,in small countries like that ….
Imagine a million people showing up in your state all at once,more or lesd,and they arent able to assimilate,they’ve been through hels,upset, lost, and unwelcome…

They’re burning down their camps. It looks scary to Westerners. It looks scary to me for sure.

They need help. But, your state cant afford this. There’s no money. They cant help this many people

Its frightening. I think about a future where our own coastal regions and waterways become unlivable,as the Southwest will most certainly be in this century….google desertification in the united states + predictions
Its not good.
Las Vegas certainly cant sustain this. But,they’ll go broke trying. That’s where I live. Ill tell you how unsustainable it is in another post. (Vegas is a stupid experiment that will surely end in tragedy….or a slow sad whimper…)

My point is,where is everyone going to do. Are neighboring states preparing now?
I dont think anyone in this administration is thinking about preparation for anything. These people WANT the world to end

So, some Americans want to fucking build a wall.

Look at that picture below of that little piece of the Berlin Wall I brought home… and all the death, the utter inhumanity associated with that time and place… that shitty fucking pock mark in an otherwise beautiful city.

And Trump wants us to be the equivalent ,looking into future history books ,of that massive mistake

So, when the wall came down, and it seemed like the whole cold war was over….and the world had dodged a bullet, there was so much positive energy. It felt like humans were determined to fix shit

But, heres the rub on our side. Instead of building a real alliance that would make the world a better place, we broke our promises. We became the bad guys at some point. We have bases all around them.Theyre completely surrounded. Of course theyre paranoid. Theyve been invaded…treated brutally by the Nazis

I’m sure there were ancient invasions there as well. Russia’s people has suffered enormous tragedy…sometimes by their own rulers and leaders

So…Who are we?…we are invaders.
We got this country by way of a brutal sustained takeover. We’ve crossed oceans to duke it out and kill motherfuckers. Russia hasnt. Their wars were territorial and idealogy wars. Its about economics. A huge country thats going broke is fucking dangerous. That’s because, I mentioned,they know a war will usually right the economy. Bush jr. is the first one ,in modern times,to break the bank. That’s for a different post.

Weve got ourselves in a,weird place right now. Its hard not to think we’re sunk. Bit,nothing brings a country together like a great leader and a common enemy
The enemy is this divide within ourselves
And we have bad leadership across the board. They arent making things better.

This planet is facing a real crisis. There’s a very dangerous nationalism spreading worldwide. It’s not limited to one place now. The internet has created an opportunity for some very dark alliances
Its empowered terrorists of all stripes,from white power assholes to Jihadist assholes. An asshole is an asshole. An asshole with a gun is dangerous
An asshole with a nuke….

There’s the climate crisis….which is the real driver of the migration from Syria,for instance. There’s no water anymore. It’s dead earth.
People think they’re running from war. Actually,plenty of them are people who would be fighting us if they could back home. Again…we’re the invaders. It’s shameful whats happened to the Iraqi people after we broke the country completely
Its a never-ending shitstorm . They shot down a Russian fighter today. So They’re bombing the shit out of “the rebels” and blah blah blah….its like 1984

​Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia Comes HIGHLY Recommended

​Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia 
is a show (VICE) where you witness a young scientist take some serious drugs. There’s some references to the science of drugs.I believe that’s the point if the show. For the average non-scientist viewer, it’s a dope show. We can be honest about that. Right?

He’s licked a frog, taken copious amounts of all sorts of hallucingenics.  The basic scenario in every episode is that he follows the trail to the drugs origins , where it’s made. It’s the chemistry that interest Hamilton.

MDMA. LSD. Various mushrooms. Ketamine. Those are a few of the episodes I saw. It’s not the most exciting riveting television.But, it’s interesting. I often wonder if, by some horrible mistake of overdosing , the wrong amount of whatever chemical he’s putting in his mouth, or wherever, we aren’t going to witness him lose his mind right there on tv.

They must do some rigorous research. It seems like a dangerous game to be playing. It’s his show . It’s his body and mind.


He had featured  the alternative opiate ,  Kratom…Which could save lives if they figure out the best way to distribute it so everyone gets what they paid for at the right dosage.

 Given at the right doseage, it can relieve junkies of the effects of cold turkey. They can get off opiates without withdrawals. It’s a miracle drug. So, instead of considering making it illegal, which the DEA is thinking about, they should look into the benefits of this plant that could relieve people suffering from dangerous withdrawals with it. 

Without reservations, Id recommend it to anyone dealing with addiction, to the families who have loved ones they want to get help off  heroin, and to medical practioners looking for answers to the opium epidemic in their community. It works. It really works.

(I’ve tried it to see if I could skip a few doses of my pain meds. It totally works. But.. . if you take too much, you will vomit.No withdrawals.A mild buzz.)

Basically, Hamilton is living in my 2Os. “Trippin balls” ,as we would so eloquently put it. He seems like a cool kid.
I like the show. It’s like a drug-laden travel show. 


on another note related to watching this take place on my living room television——

I keep thinking about what TV was like when I was a kid
Now, the seal, so to speak, has been broken. Everything is revealed… either through TV or the internet. 

I don’t think all this information is that great. That’s for another long-winded post.

Dave Barry’s 2017 Year in Review | Miami Herald

“Looking back on 2017 is like waking up after a party where you made some poor decisions, such as drinking tequila squeezed from the underpants of a person you do not really know. (At least you hope it was tequila.)
The next day finds you lying naked in a Dumpster in a different state, smeared from head to toe with a mixture of Sriracha sauce and glitter. At first you remember nothing. But then, as your throbbing brain slowly reboots, memories of the night before, disturbing memories, begin creeping into your consciousness. As the full, hideous picture comes into focus, you curl into a ball, whimpering, asking yourself over and over: Did that really happen?” – Dave Barry