The Antichrist, Trump, and the Bullshit. Thought Stream #2

Thinking about Trump and Antichrist mythology 
Trump has made a point of saying he doesn’t drink alcohol and never has. He seems to have an addictive personality though. He’s clearly incapable of pulling himself away from Twitter. 

No one has asked if he takes prescription drugs. 

I think he takes something. They say he hardly sleeps. Is he manic? That’s a symptom of mania. Maybe he’s bipolar. 

He seems to have a grandiose view of himself. It’s not a normal thing. I know a lot of weirdos. (I love them all) 

He’s a new kind of weird, in my experience. 

Politicians have to be a little in love with themselves, a little grandiose, to think they can run the free world. 

This isn’t that exactly. It seems like a suped up neediness. I mean, he’s managed to get all this way on whatever that is. I think it says more about US that he’s president, than anything else. The TV generation runs the country now. We’re definitely lost. 
We desperately need a person that brings people together. Having said that, that person might be the real evil we all fear. I don’t want a savior, or someone selling themselves as such. That would be way more antichrist – y.  Everybody gets fooled.this person is the answer. La la la. 

I’ve watched too many antichrist shows. But, scary always appealed to me. I prefer fictional scary

Just read a theory that Putin is the antichrist. The problem with all these theories is that they’re all bullshit. 
I also read many pages suggesting Trump is the antichrist. He isn’t. Hes too weak. And people aren’t going to follow him. The way the antichrist myth sets up, it would be more likely that he’s a precursor. He’s so awful that we become desperate for someone that can “save us” save the country, save the world.  That person will be well liked and respected. People will follow him or her or it. (That’s the biblical version, more or less) 
My theory used to be that the antichrist is a thing, like television, or the internet. The antichrist is mythology. That’s definite. But, there’s a bit of a warning about what kind of person might lead us all to destruction, via biblical prose. Remember, these people who wrote the Bible were witness to the fall of Rome. They could have been trying to tell future generations a fairytale with grains of truth, morality tales, that could save future people from making the same mistakes. 
We can recover from Trump. As long as he doesn’t start shooting off nukes. Then, who cares about myth and legend? 

Life does not feel the same as it did 2 years ago, before the campaign season started. 

Trumps wild threats and insane Twitter account genuinely makes me tense. So, things like the end of the world have popped up when I’m sitting in bed, like now. 

I’m not a scared little bunny. Im more inclined to  get mean when I’m cornered. I’m just wondering where this is headed. Im not letting politicians get us all killed, or allow them to kill millions of people in some far away place. I’m sure people are starting to think about what we do to defend ourselves from our own president if need be.
 Who is going to do that? These Republicans seemed ready to fall in line. It didn’t seem to matter how far he went. I found that uniquely disturbing. It really was like watching the rise of fascism,. And how easily people fall in line. Too easily. 

Nuclear war puts everything at risk. It’s completely unacceptable. Someone will have to drag that idiot king by his crazy haircut out of the Whitehouse…. And have him institutionalized. What I worry about is, that won’t happen. 

The American people will only be safe when there’s peace… . Everywhere. And we should be willing to stand against a rogue government that would put us all at risk

2 thoughts on “The Antichrist, Trump, and the Bullshit. Thought Stream #2”

  1. The God of the Bible is a God of War. That Bible is a crock of shit it was written for the truly devoted Christians who are so tight like ten toes in a sock with God and Jesus that God “favors” them and chastises only them when they do wrong and disobey God instead of others just like a parent would chastise their children for disobedience. I am a living witness, I have never gotten my heart’s desire keeping my mind on God, talking to God and Jesus, worshipping them, all I got was pissed and shit all over by my enemies and God allowed it and God won’t tell you what you need to know he just tells you what he wants you to do so you end up worshipping Him because He is jealous of you consciously or unconsciously worshipping other people. An example Rebecca having to wait until she was old and dusty to give birth while the whole time her handmaids had to have kids for Rebecca’s husband just so Rebecca can give birth to two nations “Israel and Palestine”. God told me late last year and early this year that he is going to restore all the years the cankerworm and the palmerworm as it says in the Bible He allowed my enemies to steal from me and I’m now 35 years old with two autistic kids, never been married, I never have a man ever on Valentine’s Day or at all I literally dig in my cunt year in and year out, no friends, no fun, no peace of mind, no job for 9 consecutive years, money is jinxed, big jelly Georgia sausage back rolls that wont move, no neck, big stretch-mark turkey wings and I moles under my eyes since I was 9 years old and my mom who was my number one enemy refused to have them removed when I was young, and after all these years of my cursed money not getting the moles removed at 35 years old this year for the first time my moles are removed. GUESS WHAT? I DON’T A FLYING FUCK ABOUT A RESTORING YEARS CANKERWORM AND PALMERFUCKING WORM I WANTED TO HAVE A CAREER, MARRIAGE, NORMAL KIDS AND SO ONE OVER A DECADE AGO!!! BOTTOM LINE – THAT BIBLE WAS WRITTEN FOR THE REALLY RIGHTEOUS SO-CALLED FAVORED TO SUFFER, BE AFFLICTED, HUMILIATED, TO BE POOR, AND BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY ENEMIES AND GOD WANTS YOU TO SUCK HIS HOLY COCK AND WORSHIP HIM AND THAT’S IT. THAT BIBLE IS A CROCK OF SHIT AND THE GOD OF THAT BIBLE IS A HOLY SELFISH JEALOUS PIECE OF SHIT AND THAT IS IT!!!!!!

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