Unedited: Thoughts on How to Fix Voting System in the United States

Im serious about changing the way we vote. The current system is totally broken. Here are some ideas on how to fix it in no preferred order :

There should be a week to ten days of voting. One of those days should be a holiday where all businesses are closed to allow anyone who wants to vote the opportunity to do so

Fingerprint ID directly on your ballot, so it’s yours and it’s permanent

A hard copy of your vote on the way out … Just in case

Everyone who gets a driver’s license or any government issue id automatically signed up. Everyone can get an ID online (make digital birth certificates a thing)

Free public transportation on voting day with a voters ID

No results,predictions, or media calling outcomes until every single vote is counted


electoral college

No 2 year campaigns. Cut that to 3 months. Everyone is in the debates. No more than one TV spot. Two debates a week. 
3rd parties are included in all debates
Results are announced after votes are counted and then audited… Not any sooner under any circumstances
Of course, this will never happen as long as we keep this duopoly in place. There has to be a radical left wing voter turnout to Trump Trump and the corporate Democrats in 2020

Until we go all in, well always have this mess. Many experts, like Noam Chomsky, say Trump isn’t even as bad as it can get. If we don’t radically change the system right now….It can and will be much worse
The answer isn’t Hillary either. It never was.

I don’t know where this saviour is going to come from. But,I recommend #NinaTurner

and #TulsiGabbard as of today
The Green party is being sabotaged by this Jill Stein rich kid idiocy

There’s a new People’s party
There’s one forming around # #Healthcare4all , #livingwage, fairness, that’s getting solid funding. They’re seemingly taking the right steps to come out of the gate fighting. Right now, they’re starting up meetups and offices in quite a few states. They’ve got Bernie style money coming in. They’re taking the $27 donation thing to the next phase

They’ll be able to tell you more and get it right on the facts


More later

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