Trump Would Still Beat Clinton. Think About That

I think it’s safe to say, the left isn’t going to budge

The center has to. The center right can go home

I think, teaching Americans that Healthcare,a living wage, sustainable energy and innovation, peace, “progress”, ending poverty, conservation, and preservation of the people’s constitutional rights to equality under the law, restructuring education to prepare our kids for a technology heavy future, etc are issues of the left….issues that effect humanity now and in the future. 
No one is saying we should abandon faith . But.. We should include Science,our responsibility as custodians, temporary residents, can be viewed as a spiritual quest. I’ve got no problems with that. As long as we agree something has to be done
We have to stop voting against a candidate , and find some people we can VOTE FOR… because their policies are humane,smart, and forward thinking
We have to stop letting these politicians and their propaganda arm,cable news , convince us we have to vote out of fear. 
Vote FOR fairness,equality,a future that’s kinder , more responsible. We have to vote as if we have faith in each other. I know that’s a tough one. If you’ve ever argued politics online, you know what I mean. But,we have to appeal to people’s better angels. That’s something Trump definitely didn’t do. 

But, that proves something. This can be scary or not. Depends. Trump proves that people will follow along. If the message is negative, they go negative. So, the idea is to LEAD the people towards something positive. And in the end, they’ll see,by way of experience, that it’s better
Manipulation for positive ends? The fact is, there are a lot of sheep out there. They’ve gotta go somewhere. They’re going to follow. That’s what they do.
(I really believe, although the opposite looks to be true, that this is the last ugly gasp of cracker America. Trump was a desperate move). 

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