The Traitor Trump? 

If Trump is completely innocent, why is he trying to stop investigations? An innocent Trump would let the Democrats fall on their faces with a fruitless investigation that goes nowhere. That sounds like him. I think he’s tricky like that. That’s not what he’s doing. 

I think he’s compromised. Russia has “something” . I’ve heard it’s about money…. that Putin paid off his debts..back when he did the Miss Universe, or World, or whatever it is, over there. He was in deep debt. After that trip, he paid off a half billion in debts. It’s never been explained where that money came from. 

That’s why we need to see his tax returns 
Its starting to look like he isn’t going to make it through his first term.If he’s guilty,he put this country in a fucking terrible spot. He endangered democracy itself. He’d be our biggest traitor, surpassing Benedict Arnold by a mile. 

I’ve also heard about the kinky shit…. that they have stuff on him in that regard. That wouldn’t be such a big deal. 

It may be both… and money. It’s certainly the most interesting presidential historical clusterfuck of all time. I’m hooked. I want to see where it goes. 

These things take, sometimes over a year. Don’t expect anything soon. More leaks. More freaks. 

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