2016 the year that broke democracy. 2017, the year of vigilance begins

​I’m still in a,kind of state of “Are you people fucking kidding me?” with the Trump thing. 
I don’t know how going from the smartest president in my lifetime to the dumbest is progress….but, OK. 

Yeah. He’s a good business man. Except that he isn’t. And like all good capitalists, folks like you aren’t even on his radar. He’s NEVER been poor or even walked the streets that us peasants walk. His idea of good business is that he gets it all,fuck everybody else. Is that what you mean by “good businessman”? He’s good for big business. You’ll be buying their shit….if you can afford it. That’s as close as financial relationship will be going on between Trump, his business chorts, and yourself
You’re going to want Obama back. …or, at the very least, regret the stupidity it took to think Trump intended to serve the people . The rich are REALLY going to get richer now. The rest of us will be pushed  further and further away from the American dream and closer and closer to a third world nightmare

All Americans cannot sit still while Putin wreaks havoc on the Western world. If we stay silent, fail to defend it,the end result will be beyond your worst horrible imagination scenario.

These are wild beats looking for a weakness…the right moment to strike.  This isn’t some paranoid delusion.  This is what the communist countries have dreamt of…the fall of the United States.

They can’t beat us militarily. It would make no sense to go to a hot war, for any side. But, now they’re are new technologies .And with them, we’ve discovered new vulnerabilities. Our enemies could shut us down today,right now. Our grid is vulnerable….because of these global technologies.(like internet,WiFi, poor security due) to poorly written code.

I don’t see Trump being the right guy for the job. In fact,he seems so completely unsuited,it would be like me, a 57 year old with arthritis ,being chosen as the new New York Yankees shortstop. 

I can say “I’m the greatest ball player. No one plays ball like me.” You’d laugh and send me off to the old folks home to WATCH the Yankees. So Trump says, “I’ll make a great president….Nobody knows the issues like I do”, that’s what should have happened. BECAUSE IT’S THE SAME FUCKING THING.

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