No 3rd Parties: Locked out

Once again,  #JillStein and the #Greenparty have failed #Nevada voters. They, she,  won’t be on the ballot this election…. Or, the foreseeable future. 

I spent many hours trying to contact the party. When I finally got a reply, only about 2 months ago, I told them that their focus should be on getting on the ballot. (Is been saying it for years) It didn’t take a genius to figure it out. If you’re not on the ballot, no one can vote for you.

There’s another issue here…Besides the incompetence of the Green party. For the first time in my life ,I don’t have a presidential candidate to vote for. The choice has been taken away from us Nevada #voters. How is it a #democracy if you don’t have a choice? 

After the debacle that was the #Democrat convention in #LasVegas, in which false reports of violence there (there was none), some of us have a reality bad taste in our mouths. We saw our convention taken over by Hillary Clinton stooges, making a mockery of the process in the process. 

In my case, I found my registration has been changed to Republican. But, I’d never voted Republican in my life. Who changed it? 

The truth is, I wasn’t  interested in Jill Stein. I’m just not a Clinton supporter.( That’s a whole other opinion piece) I switched away from the Green party in favor of Bernie Sanders. Although I wasnt blindly supporting him, knowing he was a true D.C. insider, I felt he was more progressive than the alternative, the right wing warhawk, Hillary Clinton. 

When I first got to vote as an adult, I really got excited. Some kids were excited to be able to legally drink alcohol. I was excited to vote. My first vote was Mayoral, New York city. I think Dinkins was Mayor. It might have been before that. 

I decided to educate myself on  issues and try to make smart votes. The fact that none of my preferences won wasnt an issue. At least I got the opportunity to vote for people like Nader and David Cobb. I also voted for Jessie Jackson, in Texas. There was a choice to be made. And that was exciting. 

I voted for Obama in his first attempt. I regretted that once the Clinton state department started the  drone program. Somewhere in his presidency, I had a moment of enlightenment. I realized that Id left the Democrats because of the policies of Bill Clinton initially. That there was good reason to leave the party. They’d become Republicans under Clinton. And now, Obama was selling out many of the same ideals and principles. I was no longer a Democrat. Because they aren’t what they said they were. 

Add to that, I figured Obama would try to help black people. I thought he’d be more of an activist for human rights. I thought he’d be a peace president. But, he didn’t do those things. He became just another president, a tool of the military. It was clear he didn’t represent my values. I wanted it to work. I really did. 

The important thing was, I still had an out. 

Last election cycle, Jill Stein was running. She wasn’t on the ballot. So, everyone, including myself, made that the number 1 issue that she had to address. There was plenty of time. It was clearly the biggest obstacles but, it was doable. 

 So, all they had to do was get people out in front of grocery stores, malls, etc. and get those signatures. It didn’t really matter if those people intended to vote for Jill. The idea was to just get her on the ballot. ( or ANY 3rd party) They had 6 years, really 8,to get it together.They didn’t .

So ,yes,the entrenched parties made it difficult. But, they didn’t make it impossible. Footwork was key. 

Now, I’m sitting here realizing, for the 1st time ever, I’m not part of it. I won’t vote for Trump or Clinton. I just can’t. That leaves me with Gary Johnson, a character I hardly believe in. The question becomes, is this a democracy? Because in a real democracy, there are choices. Canada has many parties. Most Western countries do. The United States doesn’t. I’m left with nothing. And I think that was by design. 

Its depressing. It makes me angry. I’m angry at the Green party. I’m angry at a system that locks out independents. In a country that declared its indepence from tyranny and declared itself a democracy, this shouldn’t stand. 

I don’t know what Nevada independents will do. I’m seeing, on Twitter, that most don’t realize that they aren’t going to get to vote for Stein. Even independents are ill-informed, lazy, and incapable of researching and looking up facts. It’s very discouraging. 

In my opinion, the only thing that can save us is to dump the Republicans and Democrats. Instead, they’ve dumped me and thousands of other voters. We have nowhere to go. How in the fuck is that democracy? 

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