Bernie Sanders is the ONLY SANE CHOICE

I started off this election cycle thinking my choices would be easy. None of the Republicans looked good. I knew I didn’t want another Bush. And, frankly, I don’t want another Clinton either.


There are many reasons to dislike birth frontrunners. Clinton has a warhawk history. She’s a dangerous woman who seems to have a need to over compensate for being female. It’s the old “I can be tough, or tougher than the boys”. Her domestic policy is equally out of touch. The Clintons pursued the Whitehouse by aping Reagan policy. In some cases, like NAFTA,  that made things worse for the American worker.
Clinton apologizes often. But, it didn’t bring back the dead. And it didn’t bring back jobs.
It sent them to outsourcing obliteration. We attention getting those jobs back. What’s their answer? You’ll need to retrain for the new economy. But, at whose expense?

Trump is pure bombast. Racist. A real spoiled brat. And, frankly, I don’t want to find out what his foreign policy would consist of. From every angle, it looks apocalyptic. He wants to send us backwards 60 years. He wants to cut Social Security. He wants to ban immigrants, with no pathway to citizenship.
I suspect he’ll take advice grin the wrong people. Frankly, I think he’s already doing that.

Then there’s Bernie. Now here’s a guy I can get behind… on Almost every issue. He had be working hard for the poor, minorities (a term that will apply to white folks in the next 25 years or so) all of his life. From marching for civil rights, to running and serving as Americans only independent Senator.
Bernie is anti-fracking. Hillary is not. He’s anti- war. Hillary, clearly, it’s not. He works for the poor, Indigenous, disabled, and every suffering class or race of people in the country. He wants to change the system towards actual fairness.  The other two, in Hillary’s case, want to maintain the status quo.
Trump, on the other hand, wants us to turn back all progress. You can bet he will too. Esp if he has the Republicans behind him.
Bernie actually offers some impossible dream scenarios. But, you have to respect that help fight for them hard enough to bring some of these dreams into fruition. He isn’t talking about destroying anything. He’s talking about building on progress.

To say that this is one of the most disturbing campaign seasons I’ve experienced in my 57 years, would be an underestimated claim.
You have Hillary, the warhawk & Trump, the orangutan racist, inexperienced, idiotic, and far from Presidential material as ANY candidate that’s ever gotten this far in a race.

So, what to do?
We’ll, we still have California. We still have New Jersey. There are enough states left that could turn this election around in Bernie’s favor. The problem is, as many Bernie supporters have observed, they’re a lot of Monkey business going on with voter purging, etc.
Mrs. Clinton, the alleged progressive has had nothing to say about voters rights. I think that’s because, ALL of the purging had worked in her favor. It might backfire in the general election though. As her minority support won’t be able to vote. I bet she doesn’t think that far ahead.


Then there’s social media, skate Trump supporters are posing as Bernie supporters. Hillary supporters are posing as Trump supporters. It goes on and on.

Recently, I discovered that the ever popular Jeanette Jing, purveyor of all things anti-Hillary, it’s actually an account used by foreign extreme right wing entities determined to get their revenge on Clinton meddling in their elections. Clinton likes to do that. And it doesn’t matter how much blood is spilled.

That’s rather have Trump than Hillary. But, they disguised themselves as Bernie supporters. When I discovered that, and realized Id been supporting these tweets, along with tens of thousands of others, I was truly shocked arms dismayed.

Turns out,  the person Jeanette Jing used is a Brazilian parasailer, part time hard core nude model named, Dioneia Vieira. You can figure it out by checking the names of the parasailing girls and matching up the faces.

Dirty tricks within the confines of our own democracy is one thing. When foreign countries, especially those who support death squads and dictatorships, is bad news. It’s really bad news. That’s because, there are fanatics on both sides.
Its amazing how, once locked in, most voters can’t even accept facts after a while.

After finding out about Jing,  it became clear that I don’t know who is on whose side on social media. It’s a toxic stew. And very few of these so-called infallible sources are really foreign agents working against our own best interests. That’s scary. But, that’s a fact.

I support Bernie 100%. I know he’s not perfect and that some of his ideas will fall flat when up against a Republican house & Congress. It’s especially important important than, to vote for those down ballot candidates that will work with him when he becomes President.
If he doesn’t become President, are still going to have more voices and a possible next election Bernie type running for President.


The future, considering Climate Change, perpetual war, poverty, low education standards, terrible Healthcare, unlivable wages, racism, the fate of indigenous people, can all become major issues, and many can be resolved, with ONE VOTE.

And that vote is for #FeelTheBern


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