Hillary Clinton Will Lose… By A LOT

One thing to remember when you think about Bernie Sanders losses. In every case, they were closed primaries. Independents were not allowed to vote. Millions, many millions of ONLY Democrat voters were purged.
This was a mugging, a robbery. Democracy itself was tested and failed.
In a democracy, the point is, everybody gets to vote for the candidate they want. The one with the most votes wins. That didn’t happen

And gay people, black people, Hillary Democrats, applauded this. Those 3 groups in particular, whom Hillary has betrayed time and time again, we’re the biggest cheerleaders. What is going on?

And I remember when we use to say them dumb Southerners always vote against their own interests.
Now what?

Climate change is real. So, I guess we don’t care.
War is real and Hillary loves it. Doesn’t matter.
Big banks destroyed the economy, robbed Americans of billions, no one went to jail ….. And Hillary’s own daughter and son in law work for em. She fires 250,ooo dollar speeches for em.

She refuses to release the Transcripts of her Goldman Sachs Speeches. Insiders, who were there, say they’ll sink her.
Guessed who is VP at Goldman?
Ted Cruz’s wife. They already have the Transcripts.
And they’ll release them during the general election.

In May, many FBI Insiders say we will see Hillary in handcuffs.  Know what that guarantees?

President Donald Trump.

Can’t wait. He’s so to the left of Hillary on foreign affairs she might as well be Ghengis Khan and he’s Ghandi

He came out against Iraq war. He ended the Bush dynasty. Can we, at least, thank him for that?

He’s going to crush Hillary. A landslide.

For all the reasons I’ve mentioned and more. She can’t win.
45% Americans are independents
33% are Bernie or bust
32% are Trump voters for certain
30 %of Democrats vow not to vote for her

She has an overall 53% negative rating. And once the general starts ,and Trump pivots to center…

What’s left? Its in the negative percentile

Do the math

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