Hillary Can’t Win


What the Democrat party seems to think is that Bernie Supporters are going to switch to Hillary when it comes down to the convention.
  Her current tactics have all failed. First she tried to shame women into voting for her. Instead, she managed to insult long time feminists. She tried to sell Bernie as an unrealistic choice , not unlike her arguments against Obama in 2008. That hasn’t worked. Mainly because, she’s the one who has the filthy,murderous,warmongering history.
Independent voters are leaning, in the 70 percentile, against her. They have no loyalty to the Democrat party.
Republicans have no desire to see her in the Whitehouse. Many are impressed with Bernie’s honesty. Some are just not happy with the GOP choices, don’t like Hillary, and are going to vote strategically against her.

Hillary has a history of dishonesty,of flip flopping. Shes done several of them in this very campaign. One day she’s for something. The next day she isn’t. When she needs your vote, like in Michigan, she has a lot to say about the Flint water crisis. As soon as that election was over, she hasn’t spoken about it since.

She reeks of insincerity.

The tactic she’s depending on is that the Republicans will run one of their many douchebag candidates and she’ll win by default. Instead, she’s really screwing up the entire process. If she loses, she’s created a tough road for Bernie. If she wins, against Bernie, she’s created so many enemies on the progressive side, there’s not much chance those  folks are going to come out for her.

I’ve heard that many will write in Bernie,vote for the excellent alternative, Dr. Jill Stein, or…blow the whole thing up and vote Republican in protest.

In any of these scenarios, and many I haven’t mentioned, or can’t think of, she doesn’t win.
And that brings me to her last tactic, vote for me because I’m not Republican.
How is that an issue based campaign?
It isn’t.
And the fact is, not much is different, in spite of what the media tells you, between Hillary and the Republicans. You’ll still get war. You’ll have an even more divided country. And the big issues, like Climate Change, poverty, Wall street criminal activity, will not be addressed.

So, only Bernie has plans, questionably doable,but worth pursuing, that can save the planet,restore America’s good reputation, and serve ALL the people, progressive, conservative, and independents. And that’s why he will be out next president.

If he continues to win, there will be no reasonable argument that he doesn’t deserve the nomination.

Hillary cannot win the Presidency. Why? Because she doesn’t deserve it.
Her history precludes her. The GOP will crush her. Her dishonesty will destroy any chance for her, or the down ballot candidates from taking back control of the country.

Democrats have to wake up NOW.
Support real progressive ideals and you’ll win.
Abandon them, in favor of this blue dog, democrat in name only candidate, and we will lose SCOTUS and allow the GOP control for, perhaps,decades.

This is a test for Democrats, for progressives.
If we fail to elect Bernie, then we have failed the planet.

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