New elections? New ideas?

There hardly is a reason to believe that this coming election will offer up anything new for Americans. It might be a previse to dark days ahead…..if anything.
Anyone who has followed me on the internet for any amount of time, during the last election, knows I was a huge Obama supporter. I believed the hype so to speak. Although I’m NOT a happy camper, I think it’s safe to say that Mitt Romney and his sidekick Robber Baron the boy wonder are truly treacherous men. What little progress we have made will surely be erased.
I’ve considered third party options. Some of them, like Jill Stein, are very inviting. They have great ideas.
The problem is, they won’t make a dent in the big picture of moneyed politics. And so, they’re truly a “waste of time”.
It boils down to this: Vote Obama because we have to. It’s the only option.

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