Poor Sarah

I’m almost starting to feel sorry for Sarah Palin. Look! She was thrown into this thing by people who, frankly, are even more idiotic than she is . I’ll get to the main one of these people later.*

If someone offered me the position, I’d be both excited and alarmed. But, I’d take a shot. And guess what? I’d be skewered. And, rightly so. On the other hand, I’d be able able to answer most of Katie Couric’s questions. Sarah Palin was asked what Supreme court decisions she disagreed with? She couldn’t come up with one….

Just off the top of my head:

Habeas Corpus

George Bush’s win in 2000

Serial child molesters…in my opinion…snuff em

You might not agree with any of those positions. But…I had a position.


My point is: We all know she’s not even close to capable. I doubt, if you asked her, she’d be able to name a book she’s read this year (other than the bible)…or in her lifetime. But, imagine you’re some schlup up in Alaska with dreams. Suddenly, one of the most famous, admired, senators and candidates for president taps YOU to be VP. This guy is saying, YOU…a nobody…just a regular numbnut…not even on the radar…could be President of the United States of America…leader of the free world. That’d be fucking awesome. No?

It’d be like hitting the lottery. what are the odds?

So, who can blame her for accepting. I’d accept. I’d cause the presidential candidate to regret it. Even so, I’d say yes in a heartbeat. Dreams do come true and all that shit.

Considering all that…Who’s really fucked up in all of this? Isn’t the REAL idiot McCain?* He’s the one who thought this would be a good idea.Come on, folks…that’s an astounding example of poor judgement. It’s fucking unbelievable.

I totally respect the conservatives who are coming out against this ticket. While McCain is babbling gibberish about “country first”… He’s really asking people to chose party loyalty over their country’s best interest.These conservatives have decided that country DOES come first. They, unlike the Christian right and the neocons, actually care about what direction the country goes in the future. They have morals. They are patriots. McCain seems to only care about being president. He doesn’t seem to care about what happens when he’s gone. He wants to be in the history books…damn the torpedoes.

Well, this is their Waterloo. Considering the many screw-ups that should have been their Waterloo…it’s almost a minor one. The good news is…we can stop them…before it’s too late. I believe Americans will band together to do just that on November 4th.

One last thing: I’ve heard a lot about how nomination being an advancement for women. I doubt intelligent women see it that way….in either party. THAT argument is as vile as the party loyalist concept. America…and American women…can offer up much better. I look forward to the day that they do. I’ll support whomever she is…if she’s right for the job.

opinion by Damian Mann

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