What Obama (and the Dems) Don’t Get

It seems every four years we have a Democrat that runs on a Liberal platform during the primary. And each and every time, they decide, once they’ve cleared that hurdle, that they don’t need their base any more.

What Obama and the Dems don’t get is we don’t want wishy-washy, let’s go to the center, bullshit. They lose us every time when they do this. And I can tell you right now…The enthusiasm Obama had is starting to wane .
The reason? Like all the other losing candidates in our recent past, he’s forgotten what got him one and a half million donations. He forgot that we WANT a Liberal/Progressive agenda first and foremost. We expect it. And until we GET IT…we aren’t a lock (for votes) by any stretch of the imagination.

You abandon us? Guess what? We abandon you. This FISA thing, these Faith-based Bush initiatives…NO NO NO. We didn’t vote for more of the same. We didn’t “get involved” for more of the same. We opted in on the notion that CHANGE IS GOOD…IS NEEDED…and nothing less will satisfy us.

What the Dems don’t seem to understand is…THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE. We aren’t gonna vote for a slogan. Wake up. We WANT Liberalism to be a GOOD word. We want someone fighting for us. We’re the people who didn’t show up in 2000. We’re the people who voted for Nader. We aren’t afraid to send a message with our vote. We expect to be represented.

3 thoughts on “What Obama (and the Dems) Don’t Get”

  1. That’s a good one. If the Presidential candidate (democrat) actually run truthful to the left, he would be laughed off the stage by most Americans. Let’s face it, America is not ready for Marxism yet, its close, but no Rush Limbaugh cigars yet.

  2. the reason the right always win is because they admit they’re assholes…not in those terms. The point is, the Dems need to admit they are what they are instead of trying to sell themselves as republican light. Everyone knows what they are about . People don’t like the half-ass way they represent it.

    People voted for Bush because he is what he says he is…and even if that is a half-bakes retarded son of a half-baked retard…he wasn’t trying to sell himself as anything else.

    I guarantee that if the Dems got a spine and said…”Yeah, we’re liberal and we don’t give a fuck.”.,..they’d win every election from her on out.

  3. as for socialism…or the fear of it…

    we have a socialistic postal service…socialized school system.

    What’s the problem?

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