DNC’s list of top 10 McCain “misstatements”

1. McCain doesn’t even know who is in charge in Iran.
2. Iraq/Iran, Sunni/Shia: McCain doesn’t know the difference.
3. McCain still thinks Czechoslovakia (which split into two countries in 1993) exists.
4. McCain wrongly claimed that Baghdad was mostly normal.
5. McCain called Baghdad market safe.
6. McCain can’t even remember how little he knows about the economy.
7. McCain falsely claimed he never requested pork.
8. McCain falsely claimed that tax cuts increased government revenues.
9. McCain’s claim to be untainted by special interest money is false.
10. McCain wrongly claimed he never supported amnesty.

This list showed up on Politico. Seems to me that it’s a big mistake to give away a list like this this early in the game. The Dems have a bad habit of showing their cards far too early. They could use some lessons on how to maintain a poker face.

There’s more, and in my opinion, better ammo against McCain out there. And we’ll get to it…when the time is right. This list is OK. But I’m not sure the average Joe Schmoe Middle America is gonna give two shits about most of it. The Dems better keep old Joe in the center of their target and strategy.

2 thoughts on “DNC’s list of top 10 McCain “misstatements””

  1. Thanks for posting that list on that forum. Looks like a pretty good forum. I use to spend a lot of time on those. but, I got frustrated with all the balloonhead righties who have no concept of logic…and who LOVE strawman arguments.

    Good luck

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