Take the Lindsey Graham Challenge: “Good Luck Making McCain George Bush”

This is pretty cool. This makes a pointed list of many of the MANY McCain flip-flops and policy choices that prove…beyond a shadow of a doubt…He is 4 more years of Bush

“Now, South Carolina Senator and John McCain water carrier Lindsey Graham has issued a challenge of his own. Claiming on CNN McCain “is his own guy,” Graham then threw down the gauntlet, “Good luck making him George Bush.”

Challenge accepted.

As it turns out, John McCain in his eternal quest for the Republican presidential nomination has adopted virtually the entire Bush agenda. In so doing, the supposed “maverick” McCain
has repeatedly reversed long-held positions, compromised core
principles and swallowed his pride in order to curry favor with both
the leading lights of the conservative movement and right-wing
Republican primary voters. No doubt, Americans are right to view a John
McCain victory in November as a third term for George W. Bush.”

Permanent American presence in Iraq.

Making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Broken promises on the deficit.

Health care redux.

Opposed the expansion of S-CHIP.

Social Security privatization.

Conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Overturning Roe v. Wade

Take the Lindsey Graham’s McCain challenge (“Good luck making him George Bush”) today.

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