24 thoughts on “Tina Fey is an Idiot!!!!”

  1. Yes Tina Fey is making a fast buck by mocking Sarah Palin what a shame and its pitiful. I hope Tina Fey crashes and utimately burns in hell for her dasterly and moral wrongs of mocking Sarah Palin.

  2. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. And if you have been reading this blog, that’s no small statement coming from me. I’m not crazy about Hillary. But, palin isn’t even in her league

  3. Thank god Sarah Palin is no Hillalry Clinton. We have already had 8 years of that idiot in the White House and we certainly couldn’t take any more. Let her stay in NY where she belongs with the rest of her idiot liberal friends.

  4. yeah…sarah palin, who was mayor of a town of something like 15 hundred people, who was governor of a state that has a population not much bigger than a small city…like, San Diego.,..She’s right for the job. Please, educate yourself and stop with the bullshit right-wing rhetoric.First of all, it’s a waste of time. Sarah Palin won’t be running anything soon. She’s being run out of town.
    Secondly, if you cared anything about America, you’d look at the state we’re in, the poor judgment that the Republicans have endlessly served us with, the divisions between Americans that they’ve created, and quit the party. This isn’t a football game. It isn’t a game show. If we make the wrong decisions now, while most of world thinks we’ve gone crazy, and more than half of Americans think we’re headed in the wrong direction, there might not be a country left. If we fall any further, our national security is surely in jeopardy.
    if you’re an honest broker for what America needs, I ask you to read…thoroughly…this article:


    learn what you really are supporting. You made a fatal mistake that may cost ALL Americans their jobs and their homes…and cost thousands of American lives in a war we were lied in to…by voting for Bush. I beg you to learn from your mistakes. A true hero does those sort of things. A real man does those sort of things.

    1. oh yeah read this article from Rolling Stone news, the same magazine that glorified the terrorist who killed people in Boston, yeah that’s a good source/sarcasm. The fatal mistake that America made that is costing Americans jobs was voting for Chancelor Obama!

  5. TINA FEY IS AWESOME anyone who likes sarah palin is clearly an uneducated right wing whose parents raised them in middle america and fed them a little too much macdonalds she is brilliant- has won awards has a family is beautiful and is hilarious so anyone who doesnt think so sucks

    1. “anyone who doesn’t think so sucks” so eloquent. Sarah Palin is awesome and would make a great president but people like you have made her out to be such a villian that she has no chance of being elected. Too bad, it’s a great loss for our country…and anyone who doesn’t think so sucks…duh

    2. What does that have anything to do with her being awesome? Palin is smart, has a family that she loves very much, and is not afraid to handle a rifle. The fact that her daughter got knocked up has nothing to do with her political career just that her daughter messed up. Tina Fey twisted what Palin said about the water being clear in Alaska to where you can see Russia from your home into “I can see Russia from my house”. Why don’t you find someone else to attack and quit supporting these libtard buffoons

    1. Is it? I don’t see many people there living in actual houses. Half the time there are many homeless people digging in the trash for their food. There are hostile women that kick men in the groin just for saying “good day” when they pass by. And let’s not forget about the hippies protesting outside of Wall Street. Yeah best city ever my foot

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