Hillary pisses me off ( not the most enlightened post…But it is what it is)

    It’s clear this is just about ready to take the entire Democratic party down with her rather than bow out gracefully. There’s no way she can win the nomination. The numbers aren’t there. (unless she cut a deal with Diebold) She sure can’t win the general election. I can’t imagine many Obama supporters pushing aside their complete disdain for this woman for the party.So, where are the votes going to come from? Not from me. (Not from ANY Republicans, independents, or even half of the democrats themselves)
In my case , I left the Democratic party in 2000. I left in disgust after 8 years of relentless scandal after scandal bullshit via the Klintons. I voted for Ralph Nader in the last two elections. I would not have returned to the party . But, along came this young man with such class and grace that I, like many other former independents, couldn’t resist giving them one last shot. (LAST being the operative word)

But, it looks like the whole flap over whether or not Barack is a Muslim…which is so offensive and racist it’s ridiculous…is working. The idea that this phony, Nafta supporting Klinton turd can turn HER support for NAFTA around and make it seem like Obama is the one with a problem concerning NAFTA is disheartening. It turns out my fellow Americans STILL don’t get it when they’re being manipulated….and that’s a shame.

She’s turned this whole thing…which was SO POSITIVE and inspiring into a fucking bitch fight pisses me off. She needs to GO AWAY.

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