Rumor: Big Bill Clinton and the girls he’s known. or… Fact: Hillary Can’t Win

On Bill Maher tonight it was mentioned that Rupert Murdock has a dossier a mile high of all the women, photos, testimony, etc, Bill has fucked in the last three years. NONE OF THEM ARE HILLARY.

On the DAY she’s nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, he will begin releasing them one at a time….or in pairs…(twins, if you will).. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty.

BUT,,,,this is what I’ve been saying. Bill Clinton the wildcard.….HE’S the roll of the dice that he accused Obama of being. Of all the reasons Hillary can’t win…and there are plenty…Bill Clinton chrystallizes it. He’s the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan’s anchor….and she’s a row boat. That boat’s gonna sink kids.


WAKE THE FUCK UP DEMOCRATS!!!!. It doesn’t matter how “tough” sheis…how “ready to lead” she is. She could get in a ring with whoever the heavyweight boxing champ is…and whoop his fucking ass into
hamburger fucking meat….SHE CAN’T WIN THE PRESIDENCY. She’s married to The Marquis De Stoopid.

So, if you seriously want the white house back…. It’s not gonna take the Atilla the Hillary….. It’s not gonna take the one-two punch of Billary. Anyone who thinks that that’s a winning combination has a short memory of how that whole thing ended….the presidency in disgrace…denial in the form of vast right-wing conspiracies (we now know they are far too stupid, example: our president, to pull off a fixed chili cook-off)…and a massive exodus from the party to George Bush…(running on bringing integrity back to the Whitehouse (????)) and Ralph Nader ( a man of actual integrity). No…we have our team. I’d take it in any combination. It’s Barack Obama and John Edwards. (Although, if Obama got the nomination…I’d push for Jim Webb as his running mate)

We could have Unity. WE could have the Whitehouse back. All we gotta do is change. All we gotta do is reject the past completely…absolutely…and forever. It’s time for something new….not another 8 years of Bill and his penis…and Hillary indignant anytime anyone suggests she can’t give good enough head to keep him on a leash.

Let’s bring class to the nomination. I say Obama is the man. Give him a chance. I’m positive you won’t be dissapointed. I’ve seen him talk several times now. I’ve shook his hand. This guy is for real.

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