Obama puts up his dukes tonight in S.C.

It was REALLY nice to see Obama fight back tonight. ”

But,there’s a problem….
I think the Democrats fucked up bad on all this.The party is officially
split in two.
Blame whomever you want.

My suspicions are that there’s not much chance
Obama supporters are gonna vote for Hillary. Republicans sure aren’t
going to vote for Hillary. Hillary supporters are pissed off at Obama.
They hate him. So, the Unity dream is off the table right now. It’s a
war for the party now….and I think everyone is gonna lose. I certainly, personally, prefer the message of Unity…of working together, racially, non-partisan…America at it’s best. Unfortunately, Obama fell into the Clinton’s trap. Now it’s bloody ugly. Divide and conquer…old school Bush/Clinton style rock em sock em, everyone gets hurt, politics/parlor tricks.

my opinion, Hillary Clinton started this race itching to fight, to divide, to “play the game” …just like a Republican. She figured by
showing she was tough she’d convince Democrats she could beat the Right
at their own game. But, it spun out of control. And Bill, the wagging
finger of falsehoods, totally went about dividing blacks,
democrats, the media, and he did it with glee. “Look at me. I’m an

You’re a silly cunt. Your ego, as usual, is the problem once again. Let me remind you…Mr. Greatest President in Your Own Mind Clinton…You were IMPEACHED. We have Bush because YOU were such an embarrassment that some yuck yuck  idiot neocon puppet from bumfuck could run on “bringing decency and integrity back to the white house”…and win. YOU are the reason we have Bush. YOU are the reason. You were then…and still are …THE PROBLEM.

Here’s what I’ve come to accept and embrace. I WANT your wife to get
the nomination. Because she’s gonna get her ass creamed all over the
fucking place. YOU will be her downfall. I guarantee it. They already have video of you and some babe. It’ll be on youtube when they’re ready to release it….like the week before the November vote.
There’s THAT probability and my suspicion that almost none of the Obama supporters will vote for her. Independents will turn to a real independent. Republicans can’t wait to vote against you and her. Where are the votes gonna come from?

after the dust has settled …and the Democrats sit back and lick their
wounds after losing yet again: their sadness will turn to anger,  then disgust, and then the realization will set in that they banked on the worst possible “roll of the dice”.

The end of the
Bush/Clinton era will be set in stone. It will FINALLY be over.
And then, hopefully then, we’ll
all get about the business of healing the nation and reviving concepts
like hope , peace, and unity on a global scale. No more divide and conquer politics. No more YOU.

Let’s just get it fucking over with.

I’m fired up and ready to go.

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