Hi! I’m Hillary Clinton ( and I can’t stop lying)

I’m experienced. For 35 years I’ve been working for you(?) or trying to position myself as the best optuion for the first women president…at any cost. 35 years. 35 years. Just the other day, after the New Hampshire primary, I found my voice. I’ve been a first lady of a state, a country…I’ve been a Senator…and…in all that time, it turns out, I had no voice. I just found it. Thanks New Hampshire.


Now I intend to win Nevada by any means necessary. If I have to disenfranchise an entire voting population…the culinary union, which keep the service industry going in a state that depends on tourism and the service industry…who is populated, for the most part, by minorities, black, far eastern, Latin, Mexican. then I’ll do it. But, I’ll do it behind the curtain of the teacher’s union ( a bunch of people who run our school system…which is a disgrace.)

By the way, Hillary said , on “Meet The Press” (Jan 13th, 2008), in response to a question on this very subject, that the teacher’s union hadn’t endorsed her.
But, listen folks, there IS an alternative

But he’s prowar, in spite of being anti-war from the start ( he voted to fund the troops. Why? because he felt they didn’t have enough armor or protection. Is that pro-war? No. It’s pro troops.)

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