John Edwards makes Ralph Nader look like the best friend the Democrats ever had

This guy…and his haircut…has got to go. If he doesn’t drop out, the Dems are screwed. Obama CAN beat Hillary. He can beat ANY of the Republicans…easily. But , if Edwards…who clearly has no shot (Kerry’s endorsement confirms it) stays in…then Hillary will get the nomination and lose to ANY of the Republicans.

If you thought Nader was an egotistical prick…then Haircut boy is a total affront to change …he should be rebuked and ostracized . He HAS TO drop out BEFORE the FEB 5th vote or the Dems are screwed. THAT is a fact.

Decide liberals. Do you want to win? Vote Obama or suffer 8 more years of republican rule. Hillary will split the party. She has way to much baggage. Antone who doesn’t think the Republicans have a stockpile of weaponry just waiting to blast away are nuts. I would NOT be surprised if they don’t have video ready for youtube showing Bill trying to pick up…or picking up… some fresh young booty…which the Right-wingnuts will happily send to every major media outlet as soon as they think the time is right

AGAIN..I say….do you really want the Republicans to win again?  If you do vote for Hillary and encourage Edwards to stay in the race that’s what will happen. Write his campaign. ENLIGHTEN THIS FUCKING GUY.

Don’t forget what you guys said abut Nader. Well, Edwards is Nader times 10. He holds 19% of the votes…which is a loser number…But, at the same time…a total spoiler number. If the guy wants change…then he has to suck it up. he isn’t going to be President. Most people don’t get to be. That’s the way it is.

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