Puppy Mills

Sadly, 2 to 4 million puppy mill puppies are sold each year while
millions of animals at shelters are euthanized for lack of good homes.
To feed this brutal industry, untold numbers of breeder dogs spend
their entire lives confined to tiny and filthy cages, giving birth to
one litter after another until their worn-out bodies can no longer

But The HSUS is determined to defeat this cruel
underground business. Here’s a glimpse of how we’ll be working to stop
puppy mills in the months ahead:

* Litigate to end the
notorious sale of puppy mill dogs by Wizard of Claws: A class action
suit filed by HSUS members seeks to end this Florida retailer’s
practices of selling severely unhealthy puppy mill dogs and defrauding
customers about the puppies’ origins.

* Pass federal legislation to increase protections for dogs across the nation languishing in puppy mills.

* Pass state laws to require licensing, regulation, and inspection of
large puppy mills, which currently escape USDA scrutiny due to a
loophole in the Animal Welfare Act.

* Reach out to prospective
puppy buyers – using everything from billboards to word of mouth – to
educate them about the cruelty of puppy mills and where these animals
are sold.

Puppy mills can only thrive if consumers are kept in
the dark about the fraudulent tactics and inhumane conditions used to
mass produce purebred and designer dogs. You have the power to shine a
light on these cruel practices and prevent further animal suffering.
Please spread the word to your friends and family by picking up some
cool cause gear to the right – and help us put this brutal industry out
of business!

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