Vitter’s Madame: “Most of the clients who wanted to be dominated were Republicans.”

Via Andrew Sullivan, Jeanette Maier, whose small business Senator David Vitter (R-Canal Street Brothel) patronized, tells her story:

Some of the fantasies at the Canal Street Brothel got a little rough.
For those who liked that kind of stuff, there were whips, chains and a
lot of leather. Jeanette says that most of the clients who wanted to be dominated were Republicans. She cracks a smile, then adds, “They wanted to be spanked and tortured and wear stockings—Republicans have impeccable taste in silk stockings—and these are the people who run our country.”

(As an aside, that means that the Republicans must be terribly frustrated by the Democrats’ overly-gentle approach, because they’re not getting what they really, really want,
even though they can’t admit it to themselves. Maybe Dean Broder should
recommend that Harry Reid shackle Mitch McConnell right there on the
Senate Floor, then call for a closed session and, er, undertake a
series of tricky procedural moves…)

Check it out here

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