What if Libby Was Black or Mentally Retarded?

This post, written by Bob Cesca, originally appeared on The Huffington Post

Scooter Libby’s sentence was “excessive,” President Bush said.

other words, two-and-a-half years in jail for perjury is just way, way
over the line in a case in which the White House and Scooter Libby
undermined national security; exposed a CIA agent’s cover; and
potentially damaged this agent’s covert operation to track
unaccounted-for nuclear material (loose nukes) — all orchestrated by
the vice president and Libby to sucker punch Ambassador Joe Wilson.

So the president all but pardoned Libby by commuting his prison sentence.

The Republican-American
pundits and bloggers are, of course, applauding this action by the
president for some reason, which is weird since the same set of
googly-eyed Cotton Mathers wanted President Clinton at least impeached
and, at most, castrated after he was caught lying to a grand jury about
oral sex.

However, in the case of Scooter Libby, justice is simply too unfair and mean. To wit, I give you these remarks from Michelle Malkin’s freshly minted comments section:

We need to support the President on this one. He did the right thing in the face of the stiff political winds. This witchhunt against Libby
was wrong from the beginning. I only hope that the President pardons
him later on. The libs are going to be spitting up their lattes up on
this one.

This is a brilliant decision.
This means that Libby can still appeal, and that the injustice done by
the lower court can still be righted. A full pardon would have taken
that away, from what I understand.

was the LEAST Bush could do for Libby – and I do mean THE LEAST! he
whole trial was a fiasco and Fitty should have been on trial by now for
abuse of power Nifong-style.

Good decision. I always looked at the whole thing as a sham anyway. Too bad he is still strapped with the fines.

Yeah. Poor Scooter.

let’s get back to “excessive.” That’s a strong word considering
President Bush’s war for reelection and profit has killed anywhere from
30,000 to 600,000 Iraqi civilians. That’s excessive. It’s also a strong word for a man who four years ago today
baited the Iraqi insurgents to attack our soldiers by taunting them
with “bring ’em on” — the most irresponsible statement any president
has uttered since President Grover Cleveland streaked pantless across
the White House roof while shouting, “Bring on a New Jersey Turnpike
rest area named after me! Let it thus betoken my legacy, and so too the
Roy Rogers fixins’ bar contained therein. Oyez! Huzzah! And other
joyous old-timey skidoo!”

What’s excessive? President Bush, who
suddenly hates excessive punishments, once refused to commute the death
sentence of a 33-year-old mentally retarded black man with an IQ of
around 60 and the functional skills of a 7-year-old boy.

10 years ago last May, President Bush and Alberto Gonzales
received a request for clemency on the day Terry Washington was to be
executed for killing a college student in 1987. President Bush skimmed
Gonzales’ incomplete summary and denied clemency.

Terry Washington was dead before the sun went down.

Regarding the record 152 executions during his two terms as governor, Bush “wrote” in his autobiography, A Charge To Keep,
“I don’t believe my role is to replace the verdict of a jury with my
own.” He went on to write, “You know what’s interesting? I once
swallowed a coin.” I just made up that second quote, but I like to
imagine that he’s the kind of guy who has accidentally swallowed a coin
or two.

The truth is that commuting Libby’s prison term had
nothing to do with any sudden outbreak of Bushie sympathy or humanity.
After all, this is the same man who literally smiles from ear-to-Vulcanish-ear when talking about warfare and ordering more soldiers into combat in Iraq.

the president’s decision had everything to do with: 1) a likely deal
between the vice president and Libby’s attorneys in which Libby
promised to keep the scuttlebutt away from Vice President Cheney in
exchange for the VPOTUS promising to see what he could do about the
sentence; and 2) Scooter Libby isn’t poor, black or retarded.

That’s it.

Scooter Libby had been some unfortunate nobody who was either black or
poor or retarded or, whoops!, all three, the president would’ve merely
skimmed the Gonzo Notes and remarked, “He’s a retarded and his first
name is “I. Lewis Scooter”? Deny. ACK! I swallowed another coin.”

and seriously, in the president’s universe — shared by his thinning
brigade of dittoheads (see above blog comments) — the excessive
punishments are reserved exclusively for people like Terry Washington:
a man who lacked the ability to control his actions and communicate at
a normal level; a man who was unable to comprehend what was going on
around him. In other words, a man who was clearly more competent than
the president.

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