Frank Rich on Your Liberal Media

By Big Tent Democrat, Section Media

Posted on Sun Nov 19, 2006 at 05:07:04 PM EST

Good for Rich:

ELECTIONS may come and go, but
Washington remains incorrigible. Not even voters delivering a clear
message can topple the town’s conventional wisdom once it has been
set in the stone of punditry.

Right now the capital is entranced
by a fictional story line about the Democrats. As this narrative goes, the
party’s sweep of Congress was more or less an accident. . . . [N]ow
the party is deeply divided as its old liberals and new conservatives
converge on Capitol Hill to slug it out. The only problem with this
version of events is that it’s not true. The overwhelming majority
of the Democratic winners, including Jon Tester of Montana, are to the
left of most Republicans, whether on economic policy or

As Rich notes, this narrative distracts
from Iraq: [D]isengagement from Iraq is the patriotic thing to
do. Diverting as “divided Democrats” has been, it’s
escapist entertainment. The Washington story that will matter most going
forward is the fate of the divided Republicans. Only if they heroically
come together can the country be saved from a president who, for all his
professed pipe dreams about democracy in the Middle East, refuses to
surrender to democracy’s verdict at home.

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