Why is Rove still in the White House?

Posted by
Bob Geiger at 8:41 AM on June 15, 2006.

Not so fast.

When George W. Bush ran for president in 2000, one of the major pieces
of imagery his team managed to successfully create was that of Bush as
a man of his word who “says what he means and means what he says.” Of
course, we have found that with Bush and his entire crew in the White
House, making a commitment and keeping it — such as their ongoing
homage to the Religious Right — is easy work compared to simply
telling the truth on a daily basis.

In June 2004
Bush said that he would fire anyone in his administration involved in
leaking sensitive information about CIA operative Valerie Plame. And,
while his right-hand man, Karl Rove, appears to have at least
temporarily escaped from Patrick Fitzgerald’s net in the CIA-leak
investigation, the entire world knows, as a matter of fact, that Rove
was indeed one of the people who spilled Plame’s identity to the media.

is a fact. We know it because it is a part of the record of the grand
jury investigation into the Plame case, in which Time Magazine reporter
Matthew Cooper cited Rove as the person from whom he received the news
that Plame was a CIA agent in 2003.

“I, obviously, along with
others in the White House, took a sigh of relief when he made the
decision he made. And now we’re going to move forward. And I trust Karl
Rove, and he’s an integral part of my team,” said Bush yesterday of Fitzgerald’s decision, adding that he could not comment further because there’s an “ongoing trial.”

now it appears that Bush has traded in the tired mantra of not
commenting due to an “ongoing investigation” to ignoring the truth
because of an “ongoing trial.” This has about as much credibility as
former White House Spokesman Scott McClellan’s repeated assertions that
Rove had no involvement whatsoever in the Plame case.

Out of all the political nuance Americans have to parse today to get
at the truth, this one seems remarkably easy: Bush lied again. He said
that he would fire anyone in his administration who leaked information
about Plame. It is a fact that Karl Rove leaked information about
Plame. Bush has not fired Karl Rove.

so easy even a Republican can understand it and, despite Bush’s
attempts later in 2004 to amend his statement to only taking action if
a crime was committed — “If the person has violated law, the
person will be taken care of,” he said — wrong is wrong and we in the
progressive media need to lean on this issue right up until election
day in November.

In the craven minds of the fake-patriots who
inhabit the right-wing of American politics, Bill Clinton was the
personification of evil in our country for lying about having sex
outside of his marriage. But somehow, allowing a guy who knowingly
exposed a covert CIA agent, to remain in a sensitive position in the
upper-most corridor of power in our executive branch of government is
just another day at the office.

Whether or not Patrick Fitzgerald
ultimately decides to indict Rove for some aspect of his treasonous
behavior, and the technical reasons behind all of that, is not within
anyone’s control outside of the Special Counsel’s orbit. But Bush needs
to do the right thing, keep his word and fire Rove for exposing one of
our nation’s critical intelligence assets in a time of war.

And we cannot let him forget that.

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  1. Well, now we know that Fitzgerald is not going to pursue indictment of Rove for perjury charges. However, what the mainstream media continues to forget is that this is only the perjury portion of the case. The actual leak of the information for the purpose of discrediting intelligence that contradicted the Bush administration’s case for war is the real crime here. Hopefully, the GOP spin machine will never be able to erase that black mark in the history books and the American people will remember that we can never give the kind of carte blanche power to an administration without questioning their motives for a militiary, ever again. This ugly fact has been documented by the Downing Street memos (and many other documents that have surfaced) which outlines Bush’s plan to base “intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy”. Anyone that still buys into the lies, can be disputed with Bush’s own telling words.

    This so called ‘president’ has forgotten that our government is “For the people and by the people”. He has bankrupted our treasury, slaughtered innocent Iraqi citizens, misled our loyal and brave soldiers into service and brought shame to the American name around the world because of a personal vendetta in which he used our national resources to pursue.

    The real crime and criminals here are the executive administration and their treasonous acts upon the American people and our constitution. Lets hope that in the end, the citizens of the United States and our justice system will finally make that clear.

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