1 thought on “Iraqi Accuses U.S. of “Daily” Attacks Against Civilians – New York Times”

  1. O! Bring your beautiful shores and thy hope’s beacon,
    Shine light down on them equally, a white hotness!
    You are thirsty; laden with the soul’s strained lumber
    And filled with dread and death soaked in the ache of living.

    O! Cry out rain of fortune! Cry out from thy staggered torrent
    And pitiable veil of bereavement! I am thy mourning cradle!
    I am thy tongueless teacher pacing the cave of thy day
    And wrestling thy fragile soul in your hours of darkness!

    O! Bring thy beautiful shores and thy hope’s guiding light
    Douse them with the flame of thy shelled out yearning!
    Be thy hungry? Feast upon the bomb-wrapped soul of thy enemy
    Nurture thy pangs with the blood of fellow man in a gentle manner.

    Soak your tears upon the moist cloth of mankind.
    Wrap thy arms around her and carry her to your bed
    Where thou can dream of perfection and stained expectation
    Only to be shaken wide-eyed by thy dreams of slaughter
    And finally see that, indeed, both cravings, both aspirations
    Might so effortlessly stroke one another in madness.

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