How to ruin a great idea

The sad thing about commontimes at least to me is that it could be a great site. It’s rival Newsvine is much better for social purposes. But, commontimes offered a much nicer interface and a great front page style. The problem is …there seems to be very few members. And the BIG problem is that there seems to be ONE member who won’t lay off and allow newbies to feel comfortable and have their stories featured or commented on.

Sure, the stories are good. But, since it’s all about cut and paste with this guy, nothing gets commented on and newcomers DO NOT feel welcome. It’s almost as if this guy feels it’s HIS site and everyone else should fuck off. The other thing is, everything he posts I get in my inbox daily and don’t need to read there on the site. So what’s the point? Use newsvine . That’s the point.

Mr. Billbar, whoever you are. You come across as an attention desperate non-entity…just pasting article after article like some sort of manic loser. You’ve made it so my friends won’t use the site. You’ve made it so I don’t want to use the site.

Stop being so selfish.

8 thoughts on “How to ruin a great idea”

  1. I rarely find anything you post of interest. I post what I think is interesting. CommonTimes has room for everyone.

    Name calling. How mature. You’ve got a blog. I don’t need or want one. Your friends can post here. Stew away.

  2. It isn’t aboput you dipshit. it’s about commontimes. Your problem is you think it IS about you.

  3. we’ll see how you like it when they start the new format , ya geeky lil turd. Then, maybe you’ll need a new place to cut and paste your fucking shit that you haven’t read.

  4. I’ve never posted on CommonTimes, and this is the second article I’ve read. But you guys, you guys crack me up. This is great. I look forward to reading more of this sort of thing.

  5. pointless.
    i think bilbar said it best there is room for everybody.

    one thing central to my thinking (witch comes from non-violent communication) is that you can’t hold other people responsable for your own feelings, you own those. find ways to meet the unmet needs (we all share) and you will see change. there is more than 1 stratagy and the one you have taken is tragic.
    & when you use static labels not only do you do yourself a disfavor but everybody else and least the person you are attacking. it’s dehumanization/static labeling/anti-E-Prime it just doesn’t look good m8. ‘why would you call anybody anything? all you can do is say what you observe w/o judgment and ask for what you want’ , in a empathetic way for to be most heard.

    i hope you turn it around bro. diversity of tactics.

    warmly, jonas

  6. well, jonas. you may be right. I suppose the BEST way to deal with it is to not frequent the place/source of my annoyance. I just wanted to drop some f bombs as I stormed out and slammed the door behind me.

    His style does hurt the site. BUT….that really isn’t my problem . And so…I’ve already moved on.

    Newsvine it is. And that’s fine with me.

  7. great that site does seem to have more activity and participation. upon first glance. also overwhelming but the more the better.

    gnn it is for me

  8. GNN is great.

    Commontimes redefined has a better look than Newsvine.( very busy…and green). Both sites were designed so the users decide what is and isn’t news by posting (a link with a short comment usually), voting and commenting.

    Unfortunately, on Commontimes….and this is what got this thread going…there’s no discussion. Mr. Billbar just pastes every article he gets in his inbox to fill space and see his name on the main page multiple times….or something.
    So new users see that and that there’s no discussions (day after day …until recently….ONLY billbar posted. But, there’s still no real debate or discussion of any significance) and think , “What’s the point? I’d rather read what others are saying about the news than have this one guy feed whatever thrill he gets by having every article on the front page be posted by him and him alone. So, as a potential user…I’m going to see that NEWSVINE is lively and fast-pace, and commontimes is some guy cutting and pasting like a friggin mental patient.

    I’ve commented on billbar’s contributions. He doesn’t want to talk about the news with others… spite of that being the point of the site. This thread is our first discussion of any kind.

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