Zapatistas Announce Red Alert; Suspend Activities of La Otra Campaña; Solidarity Demonstrations Planned Internationally

As of the afternoon of May 3, Subcommandante Marcos of the EZLN
(National Zapatista Army of Liberation) announced during a public act
in Mexico City a new red alert and closure of Zapatista caracoles and
suspension of activities of La Otra Campaña, which has now become a
struggle to support the people of Texcoco, who for the past two days
have been experiencing severe government repression.

morning found the south of Mexico City entangled in street blockades
and protests with students, workers and peasants demanding justice for
the people of Texcoco. Dozens of people have been arrested and the city
police have been brutally detaining the protests. Early afternoon, it
looks like student demonstrators will return to the National Autonomist
University of Mexico (UNAM), Latin America’s largest institute of
higher-learning, and attempt to occupy various sections of the school.

morning, flower vendors from People in Defense of the Land Front
(Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra) occupying a space in the
Texcoco market were brutally repressed by state police. As they moved
to reoccupy their space in the pre-dawn hours, the 40 flower vendors
received back-up from the nearby municipality of Atenco. Arming
themselves with machetes and Molotov cocktails, the vendors were hit
with tear gas and batons. While defending their space in the market in
Mexico state, a 14 year-old boy died from the impact of tear gas in the
chest and more than forty people were arrested.

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