Madonna will drop a grenade in Bush lap!

Apr 28 2006, 3:27PM GMT

The Queen of Pop, Madonna has decided to revisit the controversy linked with her earlier album American Life.

The album featured Madonna dropping a grenade into President George W
Bush look-a-like’s lap which had raised several controversies.

The 44- year old star has now decided to put the controversial video in
the DVD release of her tour film I’m Going To Tell You A Secret, which
is due to be released in June.

Madonna claims that she’s not “anti-Bush” or “pro-Iraq, but that she’s
“pro-peace”, and insists that the album is not about war but about the
“perfect American life”.”I have written a song and created a video
which expresses my feelings about our culture and values and the
illusions of what many people believe is the American dream, the
perfect life”, MTV quoted her as saying.

Due to controversy, she had earlier cancelled the release of the original video right before its US premiere.

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