Lawsuit Filed Against The Use of ES&S Voting Machines In PA

Lawsuit Filed Against The Use of ES&S Voting Machines In PA
Suit Filed Against State, County and Federal Officials

Just announced by KDKA-TV
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the news that a group of citizens and
People For The American Way have filed suit against the Secretary of
State; Dan Onorato, Allegheny County Chief Executive; James Flynn,
County Manager; and senior officials at the federal Department of
Justice. The citizen group includes members of the disabilities
community who want to make sure the County purchases machines that are
accessible to all individuals with disabilities.

KDKA reports:

The lawsuit filed today says that decisi on risks chaos on Election Day
because of the lack of time to train election officials and educate
voters about the change from lever machines which have been in use for
40 years.

This rush to a new and flawed technology just weeks before the election
threatens to sow chaos in the primary and compromise the fundamental
rights of thousands of voters for years to come, says Harry Litman, the
former United States Attorney in Pittsburgh and an attorney for the
plaintiffs. Its a bad deal for Allegheny County, and, we believe, a
violation of federal law.

The suit, Celeste Taylor v. Dan
Onorato asks the court to prevent use of machines manufactured by
Election Systems & Software until the County has spent the time
necessary to identify voting systems that are secure; reliable; and
accessible to voters with disabilities.

These machines are sold and serviced by Elections Systems and Software, the same company that has played a major
role in failures of memory cards and is a large reason why this nation is headed for a “Train Wreck” in our primary elections and, if no action is taken, in November.

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