Bush has got to go

We’re seeing tens of thousands of people filling the streets over the
issue of immigration policy. Why not have that many people show up in
Washington and demand Bush step down? It can be done. And the media
would not be able to ignore a half a million or more people walking
down Pennsylvania avenue demanding he and Cheney resign.

I’d like to see it happen. Any ideas?

Feel free to write to damianmann@yahoo.com

6 thoughts on “Bush has got to go”

  1. I know we can use the internet to get this together by memorial day. Who’s in?

    let’s start notifying anyone we can think of to help make this happening. I’ve contacted two Air America shows and I’m gonna keep up a barrage of posting on their sites and calling their shows (in the next few days)

    Do you know people who have experience? Or websites with groups that can help?

    post them here …or write me. let’s move on this quickly.

  2. I wrote to Common Cause, Al Franken show, Buzzflash, Cingy Sheehan,Commontimes, Mutiply has something posted. I think there’s something on StumbleUpon,and The Majority report.

    tommorow: it’s Michael Moore and a few others.

  3. The reason I’m keeping this record is, I want people to see that ordinary citizens are trying to do as much as possible. i don’t think thinking small will work at this stage.

    So, I’m making this record because I want people to know who responds and who doesn’t. How much are people willing to do? is it a collective? Or is this progressive movement just a bunch of elitist cliques. We shall see.

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