Voting News

“I have no idea what happened in Pennsylvania or Chicago. I don’t read about any of that.? Essex Co., New Jersey Superintendent of Elections Carmen Casciano when asked about recent problems with Sequoia machines. “I
am not happy about the outcome, or the state of the industry. I think
that something needs to be done. I’m not sure what it is, it probably
doesn’t include AccuPoll at this point, but I do not feel that any of
the vendors has a system that voters can trust. I think that vendors
outright misrepresent the robustness, stability, and security of their
systems. You just have to look at the litany of problems and it points
at one thing, bad fundamental design, and not enough checks and
balances. I also wonder why the other vendors were so adamant in
fighting a VVPAT system requirement. They spent much more in fighting
it than in implementing it.”
Ex-AccuPoll CEO Dennis Vadura. Eleven
Indiana counties were forced to suspend absentee voting when they found
out that the ballots they were provided could not be read by their
Diebold optical-scan machines….

Full story on Brad Blog

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