U.S. News.Com on Secret, Warrantless Physical Searches

U.S. News & World Report‘s article on secret, warrantless physical searches, which many in the blogosphere, us included, anxiously have been awaiting since MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann reported on it last night is online here.

The lawyer who believes his office and home were surreptitiously
searched is Thomas Nelson of Oregon. Nelson represents Soliman
al-Buthe, indicted in 2004 on charges he illegally took al-Haramain
charitable donations out of the country. The Government charged
al-Haramain had al Qaeda connections.

Nelson’s story begins on the second page of the article and is frightening. In essence, he believes the FBI conducted
“black bag searches” on his home and office to retrieve classified
documents it had given al-Buthe by mistake. Nelson also thinks the
documents may establish that al-Buthe was one of those subjected to NSA warrantless surveillance.

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