Sarah Silverman is magic

If you don’t know about her, she’s the sickest, smartest, weirdest female comic out there right now. And she’s hot!

A few of her more contraversial bits:

>If black people were in germany during Worl War 2, the holocaust would have never happened. At least not to Jews.

>I love how Palestinians and jews hate each other. It’s cute. Honestly, what’s the diffeence? They’re brown. They have an odor. It’s like sweet potatoes hating yams. It’s like when coyotes eat dogs—they are dogs! And they eat them. There’s no joke there, but it’s a good point. It’s like how birds eat egss. You can’t blame them, because eggs are awesome, but they’re all-” she pantomimess eating an egg-“Yum,mmmm, this came out of my pussy”

>When God gives you AIDS, make lemonAIDS.

>The writers of Sanford and Son were so brave in bringing their program to television. I mean, working with all those black people.

>If you take a shower with your boyfriend,I guarantee by the time you step out of the shower, your breasts will be sparkling clean.

Comedian Sarah Silverman is known for delivering closely observed social commentary in a disarmingly politically incorrect style. Her new movie, Jesus Is Magic, is based on an act she polished in New York and Los Angeles.

The film, a series of vignettes, bits of standup routines and bittersweet songs, was directed by Liam Lynch, who has worked extensively with Tenacious D, the band fronted by Jack Black.

Silverman’s comedy is marked by a willingness to offend. And while some of her remarks have led to criticism, her fans embrace the wit and honesty of her commentary. From detailed sex talk to minority groups and sensitive issues like the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, there seems to be little she views as sacrosanct in her act.

Jesus Is Magic also stars comedians Bob Odenkirk and Brian Posehn, friends of Silverman’s from the 1990s HBO comedy series Mr. Show, on which she often appeared. Silverman’s previous films include School of Rock and There’s Something About Mary.

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