The end is nigh for the neo-cons

It’s really starting to look like Bush’s bad poll numbers and serial fuck-ups are starting to change people’s minds about which party should run the country, particularly the House and Senate. Expect a sea-change starting with the 2005 elections and going right into 2006. There’s just no way Bush can recover from the mess of Katrina. (it’s pretty hard for the people down there to recover as well.) This seems to have had residual effects that may just reverberate right into the voting booths.

NOTHING is guaranteed though. As long as the Democrats sit on their hands and play the role of Republican silly putty people, able to be molded into whatever the right wants(mainly out of fear) they might as well forget it.
The fight has to be a topugh one. It has to get to the truths of what the right REALLY are about….which is far from the good christian moral party or for that matter, pretty damn far from being conservative on almost every front…except gays and Roe V. Wade.
But,as Jimmy Carter said the other night on “Hardball”, You can be pro-life and be pro women’s rights at the same tiem. These nuances HAVE to be explained. Otherwise they’ll sound wishy washy and in want of every angle. Carte said it clearly. That abortion in cases of Rape and Incest have to be available. If the Mother’s life is at stake, there has to be an option to save her life. We would hope that the babies life could be saved as well.
Abortion, as a means of birth control IS wrong. We all feel uncomfortable with it. A smart woman knows what to do to prevent pregnacy. If she doesnt’. we need to have a way for a woman like her to find this information easily.
So, that’s ONE issue we can be clear about. We can take the high road on this. Over the coming year or so, we’ll see what the Democrats say and do. It should be very interesting.

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