Liberals With Guns

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Liberals With Guns

As of 5:49 am Monday (EST), it seems Jeffrey Goldberg’s already famous article on Scowcroft in the New Yorker will not be posted – you’ll have to buy the zine, unless it gets liberated and posted elsewhere. But the New Yorker did put up an interesting interview with the author.I’ll leave it to others to analyse the political ramifications and content. But I seem to be unusually sensitive to Republican rhetorical hanky-panky (“pro-life,” “tax relief,” etc), and I couldn’t help but notice some spanking new jargon bubbling up into the mainstream:

…the deeper meaning here is ideological: George W. Bush’s father was committed to a realist understanding of foreign policy. This served him well in Iraq, and not so well in Bosnia. George W. Bush, on the other hand, has become a leading proponent of democratic transformationalism; he believes it is America’s job to help non-democratic countries become democratic. The realists don’t believe that the internal organization of another country is any of our business; George W. Bush, evidently, does.


Are the conservatives turning against the neoconservatives?

They’ve been doing so for some time. Just read George Will. Their complaint is that neoconservatives aren’t conservative; they’re liberals with guns. [emphasis added.]

You got that? “Democratic transformationalists” are “liberals with guns.” Those are the clowns that got us into that stupid mess in Iraq.

In other words, the term “conservative” has been surgically removed from the failed ideology of neoconservativism and replaced with the word “democratic.” This of course is purely coincidental, no associations to a certain political party should be inferred.

And “democratic” is paired with the brain-twisting neologism “transformationalist.” Only a paranoid mentality would wonder whether the pairing of “democratic” with something invented, something hard to understand, and something hard to say, is intentional.

As for “liberals with guns,” well…what could be a scarier image, given the relentless demonization of liberals that has been going on since McCarthy, if not earlier?

But never mind, as so many expert Democratic consultants are quick to tell us, it’s not the language that matters, but the ideas. I mean it’s not as if you can easily redefine failed Republican strategies as liberal and Democratic, y’know. That’s preposterous. No one would fall for that and repeat it. LIke if you tried, people would just get confused about what things mean and then they wouldn’t listen to anyone. What good would that be?

(By the way, reporter Jeffrey Goldberg shouldn’t, necessarily, be blamed for the terminology. It’s likely he’s probably just repeating jargon that’s getting tossed up into the air. As for passing it on, shame, shame, shame!)

{Update:} Content edited somewhat after original posting to focus the sarcasm.

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